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Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse Latency

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse Latency :-

The click latency difference between the giant and the wireless gaming mouse is at least the same as what we’ve been saying to ourselves for the last few years but today we’re going to see if it’s really true. And uses various sensors. Software for sampling information including various debunce time and the real answer is yes there is a really measurable difference in clickletency

Among the top gaming mice especially among the top wireless competitors in fact there are probably other factors here when it comes to mouse latency. More important than just whether the theme mouse is wide or wireless is that this test is really excited to show you, let’s take a look at what we’re testing here. The latency at the end is that the time it actually takes for AmusClick to register as input on your display means that we have a bunch of other factors in the chain but since it is constant we will be able to measure the difference between the variables.

Which is a different gaming mouse because we’re using a very lightweight desktop app and a 360hz monitor. The fastest PC that you can build today has very minimal chain of latency. Because you will see that to really measure latency we will use the latest iteration of ldap’s nvidia which is a short forelancy display analysis tool.

This actually has a microphone input. Which means that instead of relying on the huge connection between the mouse button and the LDAP you can see here that we can use audio input instead so listen to the mouse click with the microphone plugged into the LDAP. The timer starts and then waits for the input to be registered in the software in the form of flash if you think that using audio as input here is an inaccurate and unreliable way.

Don’t worry about testing because I compared the results between the hardware connection and the audio input as a trigger until I did. The signal so that we get the exact same result as the direct wire versus the audio trigger also gives that the distance between the mouse click and the microphone is only a few millimeters which we are only seeing a few…

gamer png

Considering that these results take microseconds to travel short distances, here are some quick tests on turnout rates that are worthwhile to see how the following tests will affect the sampling rate of this theme, so its This means that the highest gaming rats at higher latency rates lower latency at the top of a sample of one thousand hertz or every millisecond but the final mouse is limited to another 500hz like Ultra Lite 2 so I got tested here with g305

The difference of about 1.6 milliseconds between the poll rate of 500 and 1000 Hz is a measurable difference, although there is no deal breaker with an increase of about eight per cent at the end of the delay, so keep that in mind if you are choosing between locked rats. At 500 Hz but here is the graph that we all want to see what is the true clickletency of top gaming mice which includes both wide and wireless.

The fact that there is a measurable difference here is not so simple as they are all the same if we take a look at the 28.7 milliseconds of latency at the bottom of the stack then 14.9 at the top of the stack which is about 14 milliseconds. The difference is therefore a picture that is playing with an additional 14 milliseconds of network lag.

Not only are the game registers very different from how they are displayed for example to compare a 14 milliseconds of latency monitor where it only affects the display which replaces the actual recorded input in a game like this so if you play on 240hzgamingmonitor There would be a slight delay of three frames in shooting your shot to put 14 milliseconds in another perspective, but let’s start separating the stack here and widening the wireless gaming mouse.

The blue wire model doesn’t really have a connection between what is better to go with for lower latency, both have good and average performers. They actually managed to stay at the top of the charts here with both the Razor Viper Mini and Viper Ultimate on the same note, which is why the default out-of-the-box Glorious model performs wirelessly.

Is at the bottom of the stack so this model is due to the exceptionally long diveout time from the box of 10 milliseconds de-bounce which pushes the delayed signal.



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