Ielts Speaking Tips

Check out the IELTS Speaking tips and tricks that will help you to speak with confidence in the actual test and score band 8

IELTS Speaking Tips

Most people feel that the Speaking test is the most arduous of all the four. So instead of bowing down, let's work hard and deal with the tasks with conviction.

Challenges need to be faced

The Speaking test consists of three parts Introduction, Cue Cards and questions related to it. So work up your conversation skills and charm vour examiner!

Know your test!

When taking a vital exam like IELTS, many tend to panic. But remember that if you show that to the examiner, they might lose faith in vour skill. So, keep calm.

Why so nervous?

Although diction is important, it is not the last thing. Focus on phrasing vour ideas clearly, do not patuse or be fast.

Keep calm and check vocabulary.

It is proven that no one criticizes better than a true friend. So, take the help of your bestie to find out where you are going wrong instead of doing it alone.

When will your friends come in handy?

If you cannot fathom the question, ask your examiner for clarification. It will help you apprehend better and give out a positive message to them.

Clarify with confidence

It would be foolish to memorize essays as the test covers a wide range of topics. So, it is better to focus on improving your speaking skills and go with the flow.

Don't memorize; Let it flow!

During preparation, use the internet for better practice and build up your speech. It helps with the information as well as to learn from vour mistakes.

Let the internet be the guide!

Whenever you talk to someone, your body language speaks a lot about you. So, stand tall, keep a smile on your face and work up your charm with words.

Work it up with a smile!



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