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Top 10 “In-Demand” Jobs in Australia

1. IT Systems Architect

Average salaries here are around A$ 140,000(approximately US$ 99,000). Senior positions may carry a much higher remuneration. Currently, various recruiting sites are showing 800-1,200 vacancies nationwide.

2. IT Manager

These roles are less to do with “administrative management” and more to do with your ability to be an agent of change through the effective deployment of technology. When consulting on leveraging business benefits out of IT, senior roles here can earn an average of A$ 125,000

3. IT Security Architect

Our society is increasingly aware of the need for a higher emphasis on all-round IT security. As such, the demand for experienced IT Security Architects has never been greater. Currently, experienced professionals in this discipline are earning salaries of A$ 124,000

4. Cloud Engineers

Another area where demand and salaries are high, experienced Cloud Engineers can expect to earn average salaries in the region of A$ 112,000 (approximately US$ 79,000). Vacancies in this area are also high – numbering approximately 700 across Australia.

5. Data Scientist

Data scientists are essential to many systems development and exploitation activities. Positions in this skills domain carry an average salary of around A$ 100,000 (approximately US$ 70,000). There are plenty of positions around too – approximately 254 of them across the country.

6. Python Developers

One of the most popular development languages around, Python is now a significant force in the IT industry. Salaries for experienced Python developers average around A$ 100,000(approximately US$ 70,000). There are currently around 2,600 vacancies for such developers across the country.

7. IT Consultants

Experienced IT consultants are always in demand – whether freelance or salaried. An experienced consultant might be able to earn an average of around A$ 80,000(approximately US$ 57,000). There are in excess of 11,000 vacancies of this type available in Australia.

8. Project Managers

The business world is always on the lookout for more people with skills in recognized PM methodologies. Salaries are around an average of A$ 80,000

9. Telecoms Technician

Another skill set in high demand, Telecoms engineers can expect average salary levels of around A$80,000 (approximately US$ 57,000). At the moment, there are at least 1,416 such vacancies open.

10. DevOps Engineer

People with this broad-based skill set can expect average salaries in the region of A$70,000 (approximately US$ 50,000). There are at least 2,400 such positions currently being advertised.

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