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necessary meditation

Meditation helps in emotional physical well being. It helps in gaining new perspective on stressful situation,building skills to manage stress and increasing self-awareness

Here are the reasons why you should add meditation into your life as recommended by Mayo Clinic

Meditation which has been practiced for thousands of years was originally meant to help understand sacred forces of life

Meditation is also helpful in lowering your heart rate, resting blood pressure and yes, it helps improve sleep quality

It also helps on focusing on the present, reducing negative emotions and increasing imagination and creatVIty. it also helps in increasing patience and tolerance

Meditation also helps cure anxiety asthma, depression, chronic pain, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep problems and tension headaches

The types of meditation include, guided, mantra, mindfulness, Qi gong, Tai Chai, Yoga and transcendental meditation

To practice meditation, breathe deeply scan your body, repeat a mantra, walk and meditate, engage in a prayer, read, reflect and focus your love and kindness