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Rank Math vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best SEO Plugin in 2022?

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO

  • Why I am leaving Yoast?

i saw that in the list of recommendations it says 30 of domains in the leap platform using the yoast seo plugin which is what i’m currently using performs significantly worse than the average site and that prompted me to check out other alternatives and that’s when i stumbled upon rank math now i…

Can’t say that i stumbled upon it i knew this plug-in since it’s beginning but i thought it was something new i’m not sure if it’s stable so i thought i’d just wait for a while and you know when you’re comfortable using one plug-in there is really no need for you to look for another even when there are better options out there you’ll probably sit on it for a very long time until something snaps and you need to do something about it and that’s what’s happening

To me right now so i really look into rank math and boy it is such a money saver let me tell you that and i’m asking myself why did i look into this much earlier

  • Why Rank Math is Better?

let me give you a few examples in the yoast seo premium the one that you pay for not the free version the extra features were the redirection to which is useful when you delete or change url slug they have a feature to suggest articles that are great for internal linking and you can optimize your article for multiple keywords so

These are the features that will cost you 89 for one site but in rank math this is all for free for unlimited websites and i’ve always been reserved to get the local seo the news seo and the woocommerce seo from yoast because they are so expensive individually and if you want to get them all it is 199 dollars per year and this is just for one site and in ranked math you get all these for free for unlimited websites so no other competitors on the market are giving this amount of value for

Free and this is unmatched and i don’t know why i’m still holding on to yours rank math is basically the market disruptor and the longer rank math stays on the market if yours continues on with the same path i think rank math is going to overtake yos in market share i’m pretty sure yos knows about this and i’m pretty sure they think nah it’s not gonna happen and well let’s see so in this video i’m gonna show you a side-by-side comparison between yoast and rank math

Both the free version and the pro version so you can decide whether or not switching from yoast to rank math is a good decision let’s go hey this is jack and if this is your first time on my channel i share a lot of wordpress and online business related content i have an ever growing list of wordpress tutorials page speed optimization case studies affiliate marketing content and many more so if you’re interested in these topics then feel free to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell

Notification and if you find this video helpful i hope you can smash that thumbs up button so that someone else who needs this information will get it now let’s get right into the comparison between yoast and rank math i like to do comparison side by side on the same screen because it is easier for us to see the differences

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math SEO

  • Side By Side Comparison between Yoast and Rank Math

so let’s go now let me copy the content of this article which is ranked first on google with the search term hemp clothing brands and let me put it into the wordpress Editor and we’ll see how these two plugins work differently

  • Multiple Keywords Optimization

so here we are as you can see in rank math it is showing a poor score of 29 out of 100 and in yo’s seo you basically see that they have segregated the seo from readability and you see this smiley green face implying that this article is easy to read so it’s all good the seo score is non-existent because i haven’t entered a focus keyword or key phrase now in ranked math the reason why i’m getting a poor score is

Because they have combined all the seo audits with the readability audits and the moment i add a focus keyword in this case it would be ham clothing brands you will see it turn to a score of 81 immediately and if i want to add another keyword such as men’s hem clothing you will see the keyword flag as orange instead of green because this article is not optimized for this keyword and if you want to see how to optimize for this keyword to turn this green you just need to click on it and all

The suggestions will show the maximum number of keywords i can add here is five and if i try to add the six keyword this is what will happen it will not be taken into account now this is great if you’re trying to rank for multiple keywords on google it will give you a good indication of whether or not you will stand a good chance to rank for those other keywords but it doesn’t mean that you will rank though it is just an indication now in yoast seo you can only add one focus keyword in

The free version to add five keywords you need to upgrade to premium so rank math is much better in this aspect now the next thing is in rank math you don’t really need to worry about the meta title and meta description because those are added by the default settings and they are taken into account by the seo score however in yoast if you want to turn that green smiley face on you have to manually add text to the title and description now honestly no matter what you put into the meta

Description google will display whatever they think is relevant to their users so i’m not sure what’s the point of having us write a separate piece of description to please the yoast seo score


  • Internal Link Suggestion

next a very useful tool for seo is the internal linking suggestions and with yos you’ve got to get their premium plugin to have this feature whereas in ranked math all you need is to check this peeler content box and the link suggestions will appear right here this is a completely blank site so

There is no content for rankman to suggest but if i’m working on a site with lots of content you will see those suggestions here and take note this is a free feature in rank math.

  • Facebook & Twitter Preview

review your page in facebook and twitter you need the premium for yoast but in rank math again this is free also the link read direction is the premium feature in yoast but in ranked math all you need to do is just to toggle this on and it works just like yo’s premium so as you can see everything you need to pay

For in yours can be found in ranked math for free the rankman free version goes way beyond the use free version for example if you use acf which is advanced custom fields for dynamic content if you don’t know what dynamic content is i’ll leave a link in the description sometimes we use custom fields for post hating in design layouts and if search engines cannot account for the heading text in a custom field it would not be favorable for our site so rankmath took care of this in the free

Version where you have to get the premium version for yours you can even connect your analytics to rank math in this way we don’t need to install a separate plugin for that such as monster insights plus check this out in yoast you have the local seo where you need to pay 69 and you basically have these basic meta options you can add the opening hours the map of your office where you need to provide an api key and in the free version of rank math you have all these as well in the local seo

Tab if you select the organization option and if you scroll down you have the opening hours as well and you can also add a google map for your local business as for yol’s woocommerce where you have to pay 69 dollars you can add these information which i don’t know what they are for and you have to use seo rating whenever you create a new product now in the rank map free version they have this for woocommerce as well if you toggle this on and if you add a new product the same thing

We’ll have to seo score right here maybe the snippet is not as pretty as yours but that’s because i haven’t added any content to the product but i’m pretty sure the snippet you see on yoast will be achievable in ranked math because if you look at the schema they have this woocommerce product schema by default which will draw whatever information you put into the product data here so we have covered a lot of things that rank math can do for free whereas you need to pay quite a sum

Of money to use to get the same functionalities now let’s talk about rank math pro because there is just one feature that is so important to me and before i knew ranked mass functionalities i needed to purchase a separate plugin for this and that is having multiple schema data for an article because sometimes an article is more than just an article for example if you’re writing a product review you will want google to display your rating on their search results so you need another set of

Schema data to achieve that and in rank math you have lots of different pre-built schema data to choose from and you can even customize it this is the list of free and pro schema data in rank math against yoast now in the free version of rank math you can only have one schema data per article but in the pro version you can have multiple so this is huge to me now i don’t need to renew that plugin called snip structured data that will cost me 59 it saves me money again video seo from yoast

That cost 69 in rank math pro you have these features as well where rankmap will auto detect a video on your post and draw out all the structured data for the video now ranked math only costs 59 per year and you can use it on unlimited number of websites unlike yours where you can only use those plugins on one website plus with this 59 i pay for rank math i save a ton of money for the features i can get from ghost and other seo plugins so remember why i said ranked math is a money saver this is

  • Rank Math vs Competitors

Why if you want to check rank math out which i highly recommend you do so i’ve left the link in the description for you you can go to the page and check out all the awesome features it provides that others don’t and you will know how valuable ranked math is you can track the rank of your articles for certain keywords you can integrate with google trends so you will have data as to the focused topics you are targeting you have the news seo which is also available in yoast for 69 if your

Local business has more than one location you’ll need the pro version of rankmath and you will literally get tons of features from this plugin so you should definitely check it out and what i love the most is you can get one license and use it across all your websites so what do you think for me i’m literally blown away by the value i can get with this seo plugin even if you don’t get the pro version of rank math you can already do more than joe’s premium i’m really asking

Myself why didn’t i switch to rank math much earlier anyway i forgot to mention one very distinct feature that entices me a lot if you have been following my channel you know that i’m a side speed junkie so let’s just take a look at this lines of codes which means lightweightness of the plugin it is one of the least as for the photo size it is the smallest and as for page speed it says here that it is the fastest and you know i like to test things out so i may create a separate video

To test out if the data given here is accurate but for now i would just take it as it is so this is really a no-brainer everything checks out for me rank math is like giving me an offer i can’t refuse like literally anyway i hope i can get a thumbs up from you and i really hope that you will give rank math a try it doesn’t matter if it is the free version of the pro version either one i think it is the best in the market right now i’ll do a separate tutorial to show you how to set…



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