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Mehndi Design Images For Bride || Henna Design Images For Bride || History Of Henna || History Of Mehndi

Be it a wedding, it is used as a symbol of happiness in festivals like Rakshabandhan, Eid, Diwali, etc. It is nothing but mehndi which gives color.

The cultural value of mehndi is so much that in most religions marriages are used for auspiciousness. On any special occasion, the color of mehndi is seen in the hands of little girls to big women of the house.

It is also a great work to increase love, happiness, and beauty. Have you ever wondered what is the history of mehndi being used on such a large scale today?

By the way, there are many opinions about the beginning of the use of ‘mehndi’, which has a lot of color in its hands. People have different opinions about it. Out of which it is believed that it started in Egypt.

It is said that Mehndi came into vogue 9 thousand years ago. First of all, it started being used in Egypt. The last queen of the Egyptian civilization, Cleopatra, loved mehndi.

She used to use it in different ways. She used to use this to add beauty to her moon.

Not only the queen, but the people of Egypt also used it while burying Mami. They used to apply it to Mami’s nails. Evidence of this was also found from several mums found during the excavation.

Now if we talk about it coming to India, then in the 12th century, the Mughals made us aware of it. However, it was more prevalent in India in the 20th century. Women started rubbing it more on their hands and feet. However, there are many opinions on this matter as well.

Commonly known as henna or ‘henna’ in English are its plants. Its plant is 8 to 10 feet tall. It is mostly found in warm-weather countries. Which includes India, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, etc.

It is also very easy to use. After drying its leaves, it is ground. After grinding it is dissolved in water and used.

In India, various types of designs are made by putting mehndi in a cone. It is applied on the palms and feet. Mehndi is used in different ways.

The most interesting thing is that it is used as a cooling agent. Also, it is very beneficial in preventing sunstrokes and headaches. Since it is a cooling agent, it improves body temperature in summer. Apart from this, it also helps in healing cracked nails. Mehndi is also called the replacement of nail polish.

You will be surprised to know that it is also very effective in jaundice and other diseases.

Mehndi is also used for dyeing and strengthening hair roots. It is also very beneficial in making hair strong, thick, and shiny.

It is also an Ayurvedic medicine for hair loss, which also relieves hair problems like Russians. In addition, it also maintains the pH balance of the hair.

One of Henna’s many experiments is also about its flowers. Its flowers are used to make perfumes. Its leaves are used by drying them. Also, its color is also used to dye or dye clothes.

So you have seen mehndi is not limited to our hands only.

There are many things related to mehndi. Many beliefs and beliefs are also associated with this. It is used in marriage. There are special rituals for this. In which songs are sung by women and all people apply mehndi as an omen.

It is considered a symbol of happiness, beauty, good luck, etc. Some beliefs are also associated with mehndi. In which dark or light color is added to the bride’s hand from her relationships.

Different design symbols made from this are also considered symbols of love, prosperity, honesty, fertility, and good luck.

It is also used in Moroccan country. People there use this to paint the doors of their homes. There is a recognition behind this. According to him, doing so brings prosperity in his house and bad bullies run away or away from the house.

In western countries, it is used as a temporary tattoo. Its circulation has increased greatly in foreign countries also. Often, even big celebrities are seen using them.

Big celebrities like Madonna, Liv Tyler have also been seen using it. An interesting thing related to mehndi is that people used it after chemotherapy.

People go bald in chemotherapy for the treatment of a terrible disease like cancer. In such a situation, many people designed this on their heads.

The place changes, its usage, and methods also change. In such a situation, the designs of applying mehndi are also different.

Most of its designs in India are floral and line only. While in Arabia and Africa, its design is more bold and geometric. Similarly, it is prevalent in many ways.

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