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humphrey milles the bye bye boris song lyrics – Download

humphrey milles the bye bye boris song lyrics

Dear Boris Johnson you are one in a millionBut I’m not sure I mean that in the way that you thinkIts your affinity with dishonestyAnd your Trump like fondness for fallacy
I’m not just talking about the lies on the busOr the time you blamed Hillsborough fans for causing the crushOr the made up quotes and phoney anecdotesThat misled a whole nation and swayed the vote
You’ve been sacked twice for being a scoundrel and cheatAnd it really wouldn’t be of importance to meBut when you’re running for the office of the top MPThe are certain qualities we’d hope to see
But your falling short by a country mileAnd its obvious behind that public school smileYou’re a man only looking out for number 1And just like the party you belong to its all about the
Money Money Money Money MoneyMoney Money Money Money MoneyMoney Money Money Money Money Money
Now I’m not dumb but I can’t understandHow you weren’t locked up for giving your friendThe address of that journalist to have him attackedBut I guess just a black eye and a few ribs cracked
Now we know you like a good old fashioned cover upReports on Russian meddling strangely blockedAnd one on your ex Jenny ArcuriOn if you funnelled public cash into her company
And you made clear your thoughts on being gay or blackWith their Piccaninni smilies and bum boys in tank topsIs there any group been spared your attackAside from billionaires and the bankers you rep
With your loose talk leaving NazaninLocked up on false charge in jail in IranI really wouldn’t wanna be anyone in real needWith you in charge unless of course you’ve got loads of
Money Money Money MoneyMoney Money Money MoneyMoney Money Money MoneyMoney Money Money Money
With global surface temperatures on the riseThe burning question’s what you’d prioritiseBut with a quick look at your political historyIt doesn’t bode so well for humanity
As London mayor you buried news on toxicityOf the air every kid in the city breathesNow taking cash from climate denialistsWhile your fracking ban lasted a full 2 weeks
You promised us you’d lie in front of JCBsBut instead you lied to her majestyAnd then your party increases subsidiesTo the fossil fuel and oil industries
We’ve all had enough of your Eton messWe know you only act in corporate interestsNot for the planet or the nation or the NHSIts just about time we said goodbye to you all
Bye bye bye Goodbye Boris Bye bye bye bye bye
Lets Say goodbye bye bye bye bye. Goodbye Boris Bye

humphrey milles the bye bye boris song Download



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