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How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2022

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2022 : I spent the entirety of 2021 learning everything i could about starting a new gaming channel but you’re already so smart and so good looking what more is there possibly to know well it turns out a lot has changed for example short’s content took over last year and gaming creators have been taking full advantage of the short’s shell also more massive personalities have started exclusively streaming content here on youtube and that’s prompted youtube to announce some major…

Changes coming to live streaming here in2022 and as if all of that wasn’t enough youtube themselves have actually come in and started educating creators more and more teaching creators just like you and me how we can get our content discovered faster by the right people so taking everything i learned from 2021 we’re gonna focus specifically on new gaming channels but of course if you’ve already started your gaming channel that’s all right all of this will be 100 relevant to you…


Which game should you play on your channel?

As well let’s start with the first thing that any new channel needs to do on youtube and that’s make decisions for gaming channels those decisions might include the types of content you’re gonna make be it walk throughs reviews tips and tricks montages you may choose whether or not to use a facecam or you might choose whether live streaming or youtube shorts are gonna be in co-rporated into your content strategy and of course one of those choices may include the game or type of game…

You’re going to play on your channel consistently let’s focus on that last one for a second because picking the right game or type of game to play in your channel will really be the foundation of everything you do on youtube going forward dozens of times now i’ve sat here and told creators that if you want to grow on youtube the number one quickest way to success is at least starting with one game now obviously that’s not the only thing you need to do to get thousands of views…

And subscribers but we’ll go more in depth on getting the most out of your game in a little bit when it comes to focusing on just one game on youtube there’s a pretty big problem that we should probably address what happens when the trend that you are covering on youtube starts to come to an end because that’s what every game is each game that’s popular right now is a trending topic on its own how can you build long-term success on youtube if you don’t plan for a future that…

Doesn’t include the game that your entire channelis based on so here’s how i want you to look at this when you’re choosing a game to play on your channel you should also know that you’re also choosing an audience that regularly looks for content about that game as the trend that is your game slowly begins to die down your audience will naturally look for the next thing to play and or watch on youtube your goal as the creator is to bring that audience together and get them to…

Love you and your content as much as they love the game you’re using to make that content that way when that trend finally does die down pivoting to something new is a lot easier but hang on it might take a long time to build that audience and in turn build that trust with them to get them to follow you to whatever new game you decide to play and that’s why you cannot take this choice lightly because you can’t build trust with an audience if you don’t inherently love what…

You’re doing on youtube you can’t pick a topic on youtube simply because you think it’s gonna get a bunch of views at the same time though if the game you love isn’t currently trending then it’s gonna be really hard to get discovered in the first place and so we research i want you to make a list of every single game you love and use it to determine of those games which one would make for the best youtube content of those games which ones are currently trending and of those Trending games which one makes you the most excited which one can you think of 10 video title ideas right now off the top of your…


On YouTube, there are TWO types of games

once you have this list it’s time to determine if your game falls into one of two categories because the way i see it there are two different types of games on youtube you have your long life span games these games include things we’ve all heard of right minecraft fortnight call of duty maybe any of the pokemon games a popular mmo like final fantasy 14.

these Games have a proven reliability because all the time they’re getting free or paid content updates or just sequels you can always count on these games trending because as soon as the trend starts to die down developers swoop in with new content to keep the audience engaged the other category is a bit more tricky because that’s your shorter lifespan games and when you get a new shorter life span game you may not even realize that you’re holding a shorter lifespan game some recent Examples include cyberpunk 2077 or among us or may be the spider-man game of that list all of those games have an unproven reliability take for example google trends which shows among us actually peaking around october 2020. even today among us itself still has a presence it still has an audience however when you compare it to a game like fortnite you start to discover why it is fortnite content seems to dominate on youtube especially around certain times of the year or take major hit games like…

Spider-man which we know is getting a sequel but not until september of 2023 in my opinion that’s a really long time to keep your spider-man gaming channel a float while you wait for content to come out around the new update so depending on the type of game you pick you’ll need a different strategy to grow with long lifespan games it’s really tough because these are the games people think of first when they think about starting a new gaming channel right their popularity keeps them

How to Start a Channel Around a Game like Minecraft

Relevant to players and creators alike picking one of these games to start your channel around means that you need to get extra creative with ways that you can stand out amongst the crap an example from this year would be block facts who started uploading minecraft shorts just before 2021 and currently has well over a million subscribers this is all thanks to his unique approach to minecraft short form content so if you choose to play one of these long life span games and base your entire channel…

On it your strategy is going to be focused learn everything you can about that game completely immerse yourself in the community and research every niche within the niche with these games understand that you have to bring something extra to the table even today’s biggest minecraft creators aren’t simply playing minecraft anymore they’re sharing valuable information they’re showing off awesome fun mods or in the case of dream smp a popular minecraft server full of content creators Any of them would tell you creating role play content like this takes a lot of time and effort


How to Start a Channel Around Less Popular Games

as a new channel your strategy shifts though when you think about the short life span games they might be red hot today but you don’t know where they’re gonna be a month from now as such a shorter lifespan game can actually be fantastic for launching a new channel especially if you’re early on the track if you decide to go this route you have to be realistic though there will come a point

Where that indie game you decided to cover will slowly trend downward use this time though while the game is popular to build an audience you need to be trying new things and you need your personality to shine through as well to make a real connection with your audience and that tip honestly applies to the long lifespan games as well once that trend does start to slow down you might consider pivoting to a more long-term kind of game one with a more proven reliability or you can even pivot into

The next similar indie game and that’s why it’s so important to do your research because if you understand your audience pivoting to this new game isn’t going to be that big of a deal identify what it is about that game that people love and find the next game that has those same characteristics but simply swapping to any old game is going to be really challenging unless you’ve built a strong connection with your audience and they love you and maybe your unique approach to the Games that you play i say that with a very specific example of a channel that i have in mind.


How to Play ANY Game on YouTube

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2022
this is one of my favorite gaming channels it’s called let’s game it out they’re about to hit 4 million subscribers at the time of recording this and they upload about once or twice a month when you simply look at their latest videos you start to notice that they tend to play a lot of different games and some of the games they play on their channel such as prison simulator aren’t exactly

That well known what makes this channel unique is their tendency to utterly destroy any game they touch and without even reading the titles it’s kind of clear that’s what you’re going to get just by looking at some of the thumbnails speaking of their thumbnails let’s game it out thumbnails didn’t always look like this today they complement the titles very well and tell part of a hilarious story prior to that though their pattern was simply using the game’s logo and an Episode number just about for every single video making this change was crucial to their success.

How to EASILY Research Thumbnails

i’ve already given you a ton of places to start with research today so i’m gonna make the thumbnails easy for you i’ve iq we have a tool that allows you to preview your video in search results and you can use this before you ever even hit publish throw in the search term you want to rank for and hit preview from there you’ll be shown a page that shows you the top ranking videos and

Puts your video right in the middle as if it’s also ranking very highly for this term using this tool we can determine before we ever hit publish if we should be making some tweaks to our title or our thumbnail you can download vidiq with the link down below and try this for yourself as a fan of this channel it doesn’t matter what they choose to play i’m always going to watch because of their unique style what they bring to every single game that they play it took youtube showing me About four or five or six different videos before i finally started going through the backlog of content that this channel had…

Any Thumbnail Download from youtube link

Even gaming channels are WORK

so for you to build the most dedicated audience that you can it’s important to have fun while you’re on camera crank your personality to 11 make it impossible for anybody to click away outside of actually recording your gaming videos though you also need to understand that there’s a lot of work to do both before and after you sit down and record your video

All the creators we discussed today are doing this or if they wanted to could do this as a full-time job but there is an element of every job that is inherently work no matter what you do on youtube or how well you apply any of the advice we give on this channel you won’t be an overnight success that’s simply not how it works starting a gaming channel or any type of channel on youtube is going to take time effort and patience you need to be willing to try new things as you make videos

Then you need to learn from those videos whether or not they performed as you would hope and then you take everything you’ve learned apply it to your future videos and strive to improve even just one percent with every video you post and that’s all well and good but for any of this to work you need to find your audience and that’s why i want you to watch this video next because in it i break down the steps that you need to take in order to get your content discovered by the right…

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