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12 Google Adsense Mistakes To Avoid in English | Make More Money

Approval of Google Adsense is a very difficult task and it is very difficult to do 100$ from it. For this reason, most people adopt such tricks that increase their Adsense Earning. But you all know that in 2022 the policy of Google Adsense has become very strong. That’s why I am going to tell you that this kind of Google Adsense Mistakes do not have to be done.

If you make such a mistake today, then you will be banned from Adsense forever. Even if you have not got Adsense approval yet, still read this article because how do you get Google Adsense Approval in my article 2021? With the help of Adsense approval will be 100%. That’s why read this article completely.

12 Google Adsense Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

Nowadays many smart people are coming in the field of blogging who think that we will easily earn good money from Adsense by fooling Google but after some time they come to know that we were not fooling Google but our own time. were wasting and becoming foolish.

If you are also doing the same then tie it up from today or else all your hard work will be in vain. For this reason, I am telling you about 12 Google Adsense Mistakes which you have to avoid.

1. Avoid copyright infringement

copyrighted content

We also talked in the previous article that never copy the content of any blogger or websites and publish it on your blog, otherwise you will never get the approval of Adsense, even if you get it, it will not take much time to get banned.

I have seen that nowadays even big YouTubers on YouTube teach people how to convert other YouTuber’s video captions into text and paste it in their blog. By doing this you will definitely get traffic but it will not be of any use but will be lost.

Because whenever Google comes to know about it, then your website will be completely down which will never come up. Apart from this, you will never get Adsense approval in this way, if you are also doing this, then remember that this is the biggest Google Adsense Mistakes which you have to avoid.

Note:- (Whoever YouTuber gives you this kind of knowledge is playing with your career, they also know that it is wrong but do so in the greed of more views, maybe it is also your favorite YouTubers. But if you want to remain in Digital Marketing for a long time, then tie it all up.)


2. Never click on your own ads

Whenever we get the approval of Adsense for our blog for the first time, then we open our own blog every day to see whether the ads are coming or not, sometimes even self-click and tell other friends to them. Also click on . We think that by doing this, we will reach $100 as soon as possible, but on the contrary, Adsense Ads Limit is imposed. If you do not know what is the Ads Limit? If you are taking traffic by sharing more on social media and views are not coming from organic google, then ads limit is imposed and ads work on your site are bound to appear.

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3. Do not show ads on windows with pop-ups

Still, I mean noway banned, noway put advertisements law on pop-up and software, If you want your Adsense to be safe. You can read in the below image, which is part of Adsense’s policy.

4. did not write articles on the subject

Once the approval of Adsense is obtained, after that we never read the policy of Adsense and write articles on any topic as well as show ads on such articles.

You do not have to put an article on the following topic, if the article is written then remove it or remove the code of adsense from it.

  1. Adult content
  2. Dangerous or derogatory content
  3. Drugs and drug-related content
  4. alcohol related content
  5. Tobacco related content
  6. Gambling content
  7. Hacking and cracking content
  8. Pages that offer compensation programs
  9. Weapon-related content
  10. Illegal content

You will get such a list in the page of Adsense’s policy on which you do not have to put ads. Click for more details.


5. Do not create more than one Adsense Account

Google never allows creating more than one Adsense account. Every person should have only one Adsense, failing which your Adsense may be banned.

6. Do not use Ads in Email

Ads on emails in adsense

When you get the approval of Adsense, then you also use Adsense in email in the greed of earning more, if you do the same then bind it. This is also a very big Google Adsense Mistake. Doing so will only harm you.


7. Do not put too many ads on one page

We think that the more ads there are, the more clicks will happen and the more money will be earned. But that will not happen at all. By doing this, your users are not only upset, but your CPC will also decrease and very soon ads will stop coming to your blog.

One of your pages consists of sidebar, header, footer and article. That’s why keep in mind that only 5 ads should be used on a page, out of which only 2 or 3 ads should be placed in the article.


8. Do not use Paid Traffic

If you think that with the help of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads, we will bring more traffic which will increase our earning, then you are thinking wrong.

Google only likes Organic Traffic. That’s why never buy traffic. If you are doing Affiliate Marketing on your blog, then you can use it to increase your traffic for this, but remember that at that time adsense codes should not be running on your blog.

9. Do not force anyone to click on ads

You must have often seen in the downloading website that those people say that click here to download this file, in Affiliate Marketing it is called Call To Action, with the help of which the visitor is motivated to click on that place

If you are also using this type of Call To Action on your sidebar or any place ads, then this is your very big Google Adsense Mistakes, which should be tied immediately, otherwise your Adsense is banned forever. Will go.


10. Do not tamper with the code

There are many people who have good knowledge of coding, they feel that by modifying the code of Adsnese, I make it according to the design of my blog so that people click more on it. By doing this your income will not increase but your account will be suspended.


11. Do not place code on other blogs

If you have 2 blogs and you have got Adsense approval on one of them, now you think that I will install ads code on both my blogs so that I will get more money. If you are also thinking or doing the same then please bind, because Google’s Algorithm is very smart, if not today then tomorrow you will be banned. That is why it is in your best interest to stay away from such Google Adsense Mistakes.

12. Placing Ads On Pages Like 404, Contact, And Privacy Policy

Before using Adsense, you must understand its policy. Many bloggers are not aware and they show ads in such a place which violets Google’s policy.

You do not have to show ads at the following places,

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Terms and Conditions
  4. Contact page
  5. Sitemap
  6. 404 error

If you want that you can earn good earning from Adsense for long term, then always follow the policy of Adsense. Never make the mistake of considering yourself smarter than Google and stay away from such Google Adsense Mistakes.

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