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Best earpods under Rs. 999 : Mivi DuoPods A25 review


Mivi DuoPods A25

Great entry-level TWS earbuds for everyone.

Mivi is one among those companies, providing us products integrate India from top to bottom. it’s specialization within the mobile accessories files which also within the budget segment. So, obviously, users with any economic condition can proudly afford Mivi products.


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Best earpods under Rs. 999


This brand expands its truly wireless earphone lineup on 20th May with the Mivi DuoPods A25. Again it’s a budget wireless earphone, costs just Rs.1,199, and comes with four colour options – Black, White, Red, and Blue. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to review the black one. After using the Mivi DuoPods A25 for quite a few of days, now sharing my experience and opinion with you.

Specifications :-

10mm Audio Drivers

Bluetooth 5.0

Touch control functionality

IPX4 Water and Dust Resistance

30h Battery Life

Type-C charging port


mivi duopods A25


In the Box :-

Mivi DuoPods A25

Charging Capsule

Charging Cable

Extra Silicone Gel Tips

Paper works


Design & Build :-

The Mivi DuoPods A25 is coming with a small pocket size charging case made up of plastic. The overall body has a matt kind of finish and a shiny border throughout the lid edges. In the case of in-hand feel, if 1 represents the worst one and 10 is premium, I rate it 5 as, for me, it lies exactly in the middle.


On top of the case, the Mivi branding is there, and therefore the charging port is placed at the rear . If you’re wondering there’s any notification LED or not, it’s inside. you’ll only see the sunshine while taking both the buds out, keeping them in, or keeping on charge. Otherwise, no chance.

Coming to the buds, the form of the twig may be a bit different. It’s curved from the upper middle part. The upper portion is that the touch-enabled area. So, it’ll be easy to work out where to tap. within the lower portion, there’s Mivi branding, and slightly below it, and R-B notification LED.


The DuoPods A25 has the official IPX4 rating. So, if you would like to use it at the time of workout or gym, you’re liberal to go; sweat or dust won’t be any issues. However, during this pandemic condition, I didn’t undergo any such quite activities.


Comfort & Usage :-


Each bud weighs only 3.5 grams which is extremely light to place on for an extended time. But weight isn’t the sole factor we’d like to think about for comfortable usage. the planning also plays an important role. The Mivi Product Design Team did an excellent job during this part. you would like not struggle much to place in on. But confirm you hold the lower a part of the twig. Otherwise, you’ll trigger the multi-function buttons.


As i want to empty full battery life to see the duration, I continuously wear it for around 8 hours long and don’t feel any uneasiness. the dimensions of the charging case is compact in order that you’ll carry it anywhere in your pocket.


Connectivity :-

There is Bluetooth 5.0 for reliable connectivity. Though there’s no fast pairing tech, it pairs with the lastly connected device almost instantly once I take the buds out from the charging case. The pairing process is additionally easy, like other wireless earphones. As per the corporate claims, the range of the connectivity is around 30 feet. But within the in-home environment, I got around 20 feet of range.

Functionality :-

The Mivi DuoPods A25 has touch control functionality, which is, no doubt, great. Though, the response always delayed by around a second. With combinations of tapping, you’ll take (single tap) or reject (tap & hold for two seconds) calls, switch between multiple calls; play or pause the present track (single tap), traverse among the previous (double tap on the left) or subsequent (double tap on the right) one; and lastly, awaken your voice assistant (triple tap).


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Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the quantity from the buds. But there’s how you’ll do an equivalent . Just awaken your voice assistant and order it to regulate the quantity for you.


There is no dedicated choice to reset the buds. The manual says you would like to place both the buds into the charging capsule to reset it.


Audio & Microphone :-

Here comes the foremost important part. On paper, the corporate assigns a 10mm dynamic audio driver inside the buds. The target is to deliver the simplest possible audio quality with proper bass, regardless of which genre you’re a lover of. The audio output really impressed me. It delivers a correct blend of all the audio properties in stereo mode with slightly more bass. Believe me, you gonna love the output too.


As I already mentioned earlier, I used the DuoPods A25 for around 8 hours long. Most of the time, I kept the quantity at 80%. The audio is loud, crisp, clear, and didn’t hurt my ears in the least , even after setting the quantity at 100%. Point to note; it’s always recommended to not use any earphone at max volume.


I did attend multiple phone calls during the trial period , and to check the microphone further, I recorded some audio. The microphones are powerful enough as while recording my voice, little sounds from my surrounding also detected clearly and loudly than the particular . Now, it can describe in two ways – the mics are very powerful to catch very low-frequency sounds with ease, which I can say an honest thing, but this strength becomes the first con during any calls. I faced an equivalent whenever . My voice wasn’t clear to most of them as every minor sound around me (fan’s sound, for example) was clearly audible.


At the top of this Audio & Microphone section, if I consider the worth , which is Rs.1,199 only, the package is basically admirable. The sound it delivers are often easily compared with the opposite wireless earphones costs above Rs.2,499.

Battery Life :-

Mivi says we will rise up to 7.5 hours of battery life from the buds against one charge, and with the charging capsule, the duration can go up to 30 hours.


I set the quantity at 80% most of the time, and with this setup, the buds frolic 8 hours long on behalf of me . The charging capsule provides a complete of two full top-ups and one 60% top-up. In total, I got around 29 hours of battery backup. I’m pleased that the merchandise delivers almost an equivalent because the company claims.


Though there’s no fast charging tech during this DuoPods A25 but provides a Type-C port, the charging capsule along side the buds takes around 1 hour 45 minutes to urge fully charged and therefore the buds individually take around an hour. The LED of the capsule (which is placed inside) keeps blinking while charging and pops when the charge level touches 100%.


Verdict :-

The Mivi DuoPods A25 offers 10mm large audio drivers, touch control, up to 30 hours of battery life, a pleasant and secure fit long usage. If we ignore the microphone performance, Mivi did an excellent and impressive job maintaining the worth range. Over 90% of basics a user can expect from an honest quality wireless earphone are present within the DuoPods A25.


Under Rs.1,499, the DuoPods A25 is that the best one for media consumption. an invitation to the Mivi team, if you’ve got any decide to bring a successor of it, please improve the microphone, and add a few of specifications – audio codec support and noise cancellation. which will become the strongest rival warrior against the foremost popular TWS available within the market, even above Rs.4,999.


The Mivi DuoPods A25 is out there on Mivi official website and Amazon India. the worth is that the same, Rs.1,199 only. Four colour options are available – White, Black, Red, and Blue. The buy link is given below.

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