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Best 30+ Mehndi Design Images For Raksha Bandhan || Mehndi Design Images For Raksha Bandhan || Mehndi Design Images For Girls

This year, the festival of brotherly love will be celebrated on Rakshabandhan on 3 August. On this auspicious occasion of Rakhi, sisters tie Rakshasutra on the brother’s wrist and wish the brother a long life. Sisters are very enthusiastic about this festival. She not only buys beautiful ash for this day but also makes mehndi in her hands. But this time, going to the market for fear of infection, it may be too heavy to get mehndi.

Handing mehndi on Rakshabandhan is considered very auspicious. So instead of keeping your wrists uncovered for fear of corona, make the latest and simple mehndi designs at home yourself. If you want, you can take some ideas of trendy designs from here…

Full hand full mehndi usually makes the bride. But sisters who are very fond of applying mehndi, they can definitely try it. On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, all kinds of beautiful designs can be carved on your palm.

Peacock, flower-leaves, and unique curly, curved patterns are heavily used in Indian-style mehndi designs. In this style, there is not much space between the two shapes while removing the designs, hence these designs look filled and embroidered on the saree. It is also known as batik mehndi design. Often in all Indian Hindu weddings, this type of design is left on her hands to beautify the bride’s hand.

Most of the decorative outfits are used in Arabic mehndi against the Indian design of mehndi. This design is much simpler than the Indian style filled pattern. Flowers, leaves, and curved lines are seen in these designs. While the design in Indian mehndi is very delicate, the outlines of the design are thicker in the same Arabic style, and therefore people who want a full design on their hands prefer to apply Arabic mehndi.

In this style of extracting mehndi, a beautiful confluence of Indian and Arabic style is seen. Pakistani Mehndi shows the balance of geometric shapes, flower-like shapes. Two types of henna are commonly used in Pakistani henna. Black mehndi is used when outlining and the remaining design is filled with light design and pattern.

This type of mehndi design shows the confluence of Arabic and Indian styles. Like the Pakistani style, the outline of the design is thick like the Arabic style and the patterns and shapes of Indian design are filled in it. Except for the bride in Indian weddings, all other women prefer to have this type of design done on their hands.

Moroccan mehndi design is prevalent in Middle East countries. The three styles mentioned above use flowers, leaves, curly shapes, and curved lines. But in contrast, Moroccan mehndi design is quite geometric. Generally in this type of design, you will see more use of triangles, squares, and spheres. Creating a similar design in both hands is the specialty of Moroccan mehndi design.

It is the oldest and traditional form of mehndi. In this type of design, a small part of the palm is kept blank and the rest of the palm is made up of a very small and delicate design in which most of the coir, flowers, leaves are used. In this type of design, delicate design is made in considerable detail above the fingers. Mughalai mehndi designs are never made beyond the wrist, towards the elbow.

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