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20 Best Mehndi Design Images For Raksha Bandhan || Mehndi Design Images For Raksha Bandhan

As soon as the festive season starts, women get an excuse to make mehndi in their hands. In such a situation, every woman is looking for the latest, easy, and short-time mehndi designs. If you are also looking for similar mehndi designs for upcoming festivals, which can be seen on your hands in just 10 minutes, then have a glimpse of these mehndi designs.

If you do not know how to apply very good mehndi and are looking for easy mehndi designs, then the option of mandala mehndi design will be very good for you. You can apply this design in a very short time and easy steps. The best thing is that in this mehndi design you have to make a round-shaped floral design in the center of the palm and then proceed to the same. With this, you can make a small part of the design matching the centerpiece in the fingers of the hands. With this design of your mehndi completes. With this mehndi design, your hands do not look too full and your hobby of applying mehndi is also fulfilled.

If you want to have such a mehndi design in your hands in a short time, which is easy and gives a little heavy look, then for this you should choose the criss-cross mehndi pattern design. In this mehndi design, you can complete the mehndi by making a single vine of leaves in a criss-cross style on your hands. If you want, you can make a simple design on the palm side.

This is the traditional way of applying mehndi, but its craze is still in women. Especially women who are not experts in applying mehndi, they can fulfill their hobby of applying mehndi by choosing floral Tikki mehndi designs. In this mehndi design, you can give a shape of a flower-leaf by connecting the big dots with each other from the mehndi cone. By applying this mehndi design from the center of the palm, you can create the design in your hands. You can also make keris, betel leaves, and small tree designs along with flowers and leaves.

If you want to give a heavy look by applying mehndi on your hands in a very short time, then you should opt for the shaded mehndi design. For this, you can make a floral motif design on your hands and give it a shade with mehndi or you can also fill the mehndi inside those motifs. It will only take you 10 minutes to apply this mehndi design in your hands.

If you are just now learning how to apply mehndi then you should choose a design with big flowers and leaves. You will be able to apply it on hands easily and you will also take very less time to apply this mehndi design on your hands.

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